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Review of the Battleground podcast in the Spectator magazine

There was an excellent review of the Battleground: The Falklands War podcast, hosted by Saul and Patrick Bishop, in the Spectator. Melanie McDonough writes: ‘For a fair analysis of war you need distance to get things in perspective and for the truth about controversial aspects to emerge. You need some of the main players alive and anxious to tell their stories. This series has all that, at least from the British side, plus two presenters who know their stuff and aren’t afraid to show enthusiasm for the soldierly side of things… There are some classy contributors. The first episode has Richard Luce, then the Foreign Office minister responsible for the Falklands, who reflected ruefully that at the outset ‘neither side understood each other’… The military commentators were excellent too… This is a fair, unjingoistic account. The contributors were male, most with plummy voices, because these were the people who knew the story and could tell it well. Imagine how the BBC would have done it.’  Click here to read the full article

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