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  • History MA (Hons): University of Edinburgh (1985-9)
  • History PhD: University of Glasgow (1997-2000)


  • Visiting Professor of Military History at the University of Hull (2007-8), teaching undergraduate modules on ‘Massacres and Maharajas: India in the 1850s’ and ‘Generals and Generalship: 1642-1945’.
  • Professor of Military History at the University of Buckingham and Course Director of Buckingham’s new London-based MPhil in Military History (see below), 2009-


MA in Military History by Research: The Art of War from Marlborough to Montgomery, 1701-1945

With military history one of the fastest-growing areas of academic study, the University of Buckingham introduced a one-year Master’s (MA) in Military History, by research, in 2009. This is a groundbreaking programme: the first one-year Research Masters in Military History, and the first with an integral course of seminars by visiting lecturers of international repute.  The programme was enthusiastically reviewed by The Financial Times, which noted that ‘Intellectually curious professionals are signing up for a new course that gives them the opportunity to exchange thoughts on security, diplomacy and the armed forces over dinner with stellar historians and military top brass’.

The programme is London-based and directed by one of the country’s finest military historians, Professor Saul David. The lectures offered by the Course Director will be supplemented by a series of ten guest seminars by some of the most eminent scholars and authors in the field, including Sir Antony Beevor and Sir Max Hastings, and Professors N.A.M. Rodger, Sir Hew Strachan, Sir Richard J. Evans, Richard Overy, David Reynolds and Gary Sheffield.

This year’s programme (see below) runs from October 2017 to September 2018, with thirteen research seminars – three on research techniques and ten by guest lecturers.

Teaching method

The MA does not offer systematic instruction in the facts of history; instead, the emphasis is on independent research.

At the heart of the Buckingham MA is the close working relationship between student and supervisor. While the final thesis must be an independent work, it is the supervisor who offers advice on refining the topic (if necessary), on primary sources, on secondary reading, on research techniques and on writing the final text (which should be not less than 20,000 words). Supervisors and students will meet frequently throughout the year, and not less than twice a term; and the supervisor shall always be the student’s primary contact for academic advice and support.

This is a London-based course. The seminars will be held at The Caledonian Club in Belgravia (9 Halkin St, London, SW1X 7DR). The nearest London Underground Stations is Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly Line).

Each seminar (approximately 90 minutes, 18:30-20:00) is followed by a post-seminar dinner, also at the Caldedonia Club, for those who wish to attend, where there will be an opportunity to continue the seminar discussion in an informal environment. Attendance at these dinners is entirely at the choice of the student, and their cost is not covered by the tuition fee.

Associate students

For those who wish to attend the evening research seminar programme, but are unable to devote the time to the course-work or to register for the MA degree, there is the option of becoming an Associate Student. This status will enable the student to attend the ten research seminars and to meet the guest lecturers, in the first six months of the programme, but does not require the submission of written work. Associate Students are not registered for, and do not receive, the MA degree.



2017-18 Introductory classes:

The introductory classes are for students taking the full MA. If any Associate Students would like to attend, could they let Professor David know in advance. Location: University of Buckingham in London, 51 Gower Street, Fitzrovia, London WC1E 6HJ.

Monday 2 October 2017

  • 12:00: Professor Saul David (University of Buckingham), Introductory Lecture 1
  • 14:00: Professor Saul David (University of Buckingham), Introductory Lecture 2
  • 16:00: Professor Saul David (University of Buckingham), Introductory Lecture 3

2017-18 Guest seminars and dinners:

All students are invited to attend the guest seminars and dinners that follow.  The cost of the post-seminar dinners is included in the tuition fees.  Location: The Caledonian Club, 9 Halkin St, London, SW1X 7DR.

  • Monday 16 October 2017
  • Monday 30 October 2017
  • Monday 13 November 2017
  • Monday 27 November 2017
  • Tuesday 12 December 2017
  • Tuesday 23 January 2018
  • Tuesday 6 February 2018
  • Monday 19 February 2018
  • Monday 5 March 2018
  • Monday 19 March 2018


For more information and to apply for the 2017-18 programme, contact Maria Floyd

E: maria.floyd@buckingham.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0) 1280 827514

Or visit the website: www.buckingham.ac.uk/humanities/ma/militaryhistory