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The world’s first global Military History Club

To satisfy the pent-up demand among lovers of military history for a more immersive experience, Saul has founded the first global Military History Club (MHC): an exclusive forum that allows members to sample digital content (in the form of newsletters, podcasts, videos and magazines), but also the opportunity to engage with top military historians round the dinner table, attend book launches and bespoke history tours, and even try their hand at writing for the club’s annual e-publication Militaria.

So if, unlike Groucho Marx, you are happy to join a club that will have you as a member, do visit the MHC website –  www.militaryhistoryclub.org – and fill in the online application form. Saul is looking for bright and curious individuals of all ages, backgrounds and levels of knowledge. All he asks is that you have a love of military history and a thirst to know more.

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