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First review of SBS: Silent Warriors

James Holland has heaped praise on Saul’s new book SBS: Silent Warriors with a 5-star review in today’s Daily Telegraph: ‘Fabulously daring missions of men of astonishing courage…relayed with all the relish of a Commando comic… A cast of Boys’ Own Heroes… A terrific book, written with all the gusto, thrills and heady excitement these SBS operations richly deserve. It really is one of the most enjoyable histories I’ve read in many a year.’ Click here to read the full review

One Response to “First review of SBS: Silent Warriors”

  1. Harriet Holden White says:

    I have just come across your book about the SBS in World War 2. Am terribly excited about it and dying to read it. I live in France and will order it. My father was Major Harold Vere Holden White, MC. He led the SBS commandos on the raid on Oran Harbour. I don’t know if he is mentioned in your book. I hope he is. He was an incredible character. Tall, upper class, very English, with amazing turquoise eyes in a tanned face. He was passionate about the natural world and a keen fly fisher. Throughout his life he walked for miles every day. After the war he studied painting at Chelsea art college and became a painter. He also wrote humorous poetry. I don’t think I have ever met anyone quite like him. He was a profoundly romantic figure. The last of that generation that had had the privilege to be brought up with wealth, but for whom money was not important.

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