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More Press on Bullets, Boots and Bandages

The Sunday Times  chose this Thursday’s episode 3 of Bullets, Boots and Bandages as a Critics’ choice: ‘Professor Saul David’s excellent series on military logistics turns to the “story of kit”, which gives him the opportunity to prance about wearing camouflaged body armour and “ballistic underwear” designed to protect the soldiers’ crown jewels from IEDs.’

The Radio Times added: ‘Saul David gets to grip with the latest kit in his excellent series about the nuts and bolts of warfare.  This final instalment starts with a longbow and we then get a brisk jog through the industrialisation of warfare.  But its also full of offbeat information – the Bank of England was set up to borrow money to finance wars; and schoolchildren collected conkers to make cordite in the First World War.  Give this man another series, and quickly.’

AA Gill, also in the Sunday Times, put the boot in: ‘Bullets, Boots and Bandages did for war what Moneball does for sport: extract the romance. Saul David is the latest eager young military historian who has gone up the line to death, walking and talking and holding up bits of murderous kit as if they were vibrators found in hotel drawers.’ Shame he didn’t watch episode one (food and health) where the murderous kit was conspicuous by its absence.

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