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More praise for Bullets, Boots and Biscuits

Saul’s new 3-part series on BBC4 continues to garner critical acclaim: Metro wrote: ‘How much does it take to feed an army of 80,000 men?  Three hundred cattle a day, roughly.  That’s the kind of minute detail that makes this account so fascinating… Energetic and engaging military history professor Saul David is the man leading us into battle.’

The Evening Standard  described Saul as ‘ineffably dashing’ and the series  as ‘a fascinating glimpse into the humbler side of warfare’.

The Sunday Times chose episode 2 as its ‘Pick of the day’ and Saul as ‘an engaging and enthusiastic presenter’, while the Radio Times added: ‘Historian Saul David tells fascinating stories of how generals stole a march on the enemy in his second instalment about military logistics. But the great thing is that the real detail comes from other experts, including a farrier…  It’s superb stuff, taking in the jerrycan and D-Day’s Mulberry harbour, through the difficulties of the Falklands right up to the present day.’

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  1. sam maguire says:

    How about a book of the back of this TV?

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