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TX date for BBC4 Series ‘Bullets, Boots and Bandages”

Saul’s new 3 -part BBC4 series on the history of military logistics – ‘Bullets, Boots and Bandages: How to Really Win at War’ – will start at 9pm on Thursday 2 February 2012, and continue for two more weeks. ┬áIt coincides with the publication of his new book, All the King’s Men: The British Soldier from the Restoration to Waterloo.

2 Responses to “TX date for BBC4 Series ‘Bullets, Boots and Bandages””

  1. Adrian porter says:

    Hi I have wondered for a long time why a documentary has not been made about D day not the fighting but the logistics and build up and the ordering manufacturing and planing from malbures to matches. Tanks to toilet paper. A lot of people ho worked built and delivered the life blood down the reserve chain to the despatch ports and then on to the poined end justintime. Your program is a eye opener.

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