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Victoria’s Wars – The Rise of Empire

During the period known as the ‘Dual Monarchy’, from Queen Victoria’s accession in 1837 to the death of her husband Albert in 1861, the British Empire almost quintupled in size. Its cities, canals, railways and telegraphs were changing the face of continents. It was well on the way to becoming the greatest empire the world had ever seen. This is the story of that extraordinary quarter century of imperial conquest and the people who made it happen.

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Reviews of Victoria’s Wars – The Rise of Empire

"A great narrative, a powerful story told at an exciting pace that never neglects the colourful details. It’s a tale of imperial expansion on an epic scale, and despite the many inhuman episodes, Victoria emerges as a most human monarch. *****"

Princess Michael of Kent, Mail on Sunday

"Saul David, a splendid narrator, interweaves histories of each of the early wars of Victoria’s reign with the Queen’s own experiences… [He] observes similarities between the hubris of the world’s only superpower 150 years ago, and its successor in the 21st Century. Indeed the Afghan chapters would make salutary reading for George Bush and Tony Blair."

Max Hastings, Sunday Telegraph