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Hart of Empire

The second instalment in the George Hart series, set during the 2nd Anglo-Afghan War of 1878-80.

George Hart is asked by Prime Miinister Disraeli to undertake a secret mission to Afghanistan. Hart's mixed race makes it easy for him to go undercover, and with his past catching up on him in England, he accepts the job. Hart must journey through a strange and violent land, to steal the iconic Prophet's Cloak, a potent symbol of rebellion for religious extremists. But, on the run with a dangerously alluring Afghan princess, Hart finds himself questioning his mission. Loyalty to his conscience or his country - Hart must decide.

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Reviews of Hart of Empire

"'I doubt there's a finer summer read.'"

JUSTIN POLLARD, author of Alfred the Great and The Interesting Bits. and writer of QI

"'There is no escaping the grip of [David's] second Hart novel... Hart is a proper boy's own hero.'"

Daily Telegraph

"'As precocious as ever, our daredevil hero is once again in the thick of things as he takes on anyone and everyone who dares to cross his path. Great stuff.'"

Daily Mail